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Who We’ve Worked With

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MR Srinavasa Reddy musani

Luxury Premium Villa

 It was honour and privilege to work with the Director of ektha prime Builders for his personal villa located at Highland Park at financial district Hyderabad.Always had great support of MR Reddy.

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MR Ram Reddy


MR Ram Reddy is also director at ektha prime builders, his villa is also located at highland park financial district nanakramguda and was not easy to satisfy him he was always ready for new ideas and not to compromise on any minute details and he was satisfied with out come.

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MR Subramanyam

3500 sft premium appartment

This 3500 sft falt at Rajpushpa atria at Kokapet is a premium flat with huge space and the couple wanted their dream home to be grand and also at the same time at affordable budget and they given us that chance and we have given superb finishes and with grand look and the couple is very satisfied with the final finishes.

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Virendra Suthar

1850 sft appartment

This 3BHK premium flat is at Rajpushpa Atria Kokapet. When we first started to work with MR and MRS Suthar  we loved that they knew exactly what they wanted. They were extremely happy with the finished result and all of the personal touches we were able to provide.

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Our Journey partners

Who We’ve Worked With

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Mr Badri

Premium Villa

This premium villa is also located at Highland park ektha prime at financial district hyderabad.It is also one of the best project we have done.

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Mr Girdhar Reddy

1850 sft premium flats

MR Girdhar has given 2 flats for interior work and he was very happy with the outcome of the project.

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ektha prime Builders

Corporate office

ektha prime Builders are one of the premium builders at Hyderabad.They have given some of the premium villa projects and also commercial projects in Hyderabad and also coming up with premium projects at prime locations in Hyderabad.We have done corporate office interiors located at kothaguda (ektha pearl).